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Welcome to Sanskar Vidya Sagar Dighori Branch

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Our Aim

Sanskar Vidya Sagar Dighori

About Us

As I walk down the hallways of the school everyday, I can hear the exuberant chatter of very very eager minds, the shouts of excitement from the tiny tots, the thumping sound of dancer feet and melodious voices harmonizing. The energy, movement and enthusiasm which permeates the atmosphere at SANSKAR VIDYA SAGAR is an experience of a different world altogether. It gives such an immense pleasure and warmth that fills my heart with joy and peace. We are a school where we value individualism, creativity and innovation and strive to nurture them in our students. Our motto “MIND IS AN ASSET, SANSKAR JUST ENHANCES IT” explains it all. We aim to not just impart knowledge to the students, but also to inculcate in them – SANSKARA. The mind is to be taught the ability to distinguish good from evil and what is right and what is wrong. The School boasts of modern state of art infrastructure, qualified, experienced and caring staff, well equipped computer lab, composite laboratories and library. Economical fee structure, play zone area are other features. We have a multi-cultural student population; hence we teach children the importance of tolerance and respecting each other’s culture. Discipline, values and integrity are the very foundation of this school. Besides rigorous scholastic programmes, we seek to develop and nurture the different facets of a child. The school encourages all students to participate in a variety of co-curricular activities from dance, art and drama to a variety of sports to social work to environmental conservation activities, (the list goes on). It is important for a child to explore and find their strengths in order to reach their true potential. Our mission is to continue to do what we have always done: develop this school and the students with integrity and values and also, to give our students the best opportunities and the best all-round education.


attract & hold interest


Bring stage of social & cultural development

let Sunshine In

schools attempt to enliven our students so they unlock the treasure of development

Empirical Events

We have a multi-cultural student population; hence we teach children the importance of tolerance and respecting each other’s culture. Discipline, values and integrity are the very foundation of this school.

How is SVS Unique and Different?

• Holistic development
• Strong parent partnership
• A healthy mix of the best teaching technology
• Tailor-made student wellness program
• CCTV covered area
• Ventilated classroom
• Free play Section
• Swimming Baby pool
• Fire exit
• Use of latest technology

Services provided by us

Play Group


• To make an independent learner
• Developing Fostering social skill
• Self-discovery
• Motor skill development



• Develop Expression of feelings
• Engage in Teamwork
• Academic pre reading
• Exploration and learning



• Logical reasoning
• More focus on academics
• Exposure to other languages


• Preparation for primary and high schooling
• Advanced skills
• Logical reasoning and Rational thinking
• Confidence building and Personality development

Safety First

• CCTV covered area
• Fire exit
• Ventilated classroom
• Use of latest technology


• Playground
• Free play Section

What Parents Think

Strong Parent Partnership

Strong Parent Partnership We have an open-door policy and partner with our parents in umpteen ways like conducting events specifically for mother, father, and grandparents. SVS gives parents a chance to be a part of our committee where they can observe their working of the school and contribute towards the betterment of giving suggestions and feedback.
• Open door policy
• Parent volunteering activity
• Parent Partnership
• Face to Face meet
• Suggestions


“Creating a second home for children through Preschool where they are nurtured with affection, care, responsibility, and happiness”.


“The mission of SVS team is to inspire children to become lifelong learners, solvers, thinkers, and global citizen through culturally competent child-centered teaching and learning philosophy”.

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Call Us +91-9225204400

Head Office & Main Branch

Sanskar Vidya Sagar Dighori Branch, Nagpur , State Maharashtra ,440027